Friday, October 14, 2011

Hurricane Response Concept to Shorten Response Time

As we watched Hurricane Katrina near landfall we saw what could have been even worse. The storm was a full Category V Hurricane and then went down to Category Three, unfortunately the storm surge literally wiped out much of the Gulf Coast. Then it took over 16 hours for the winds to die down under Tropical Storm levels. (75-mph on the Saffir-Simpson Scale). This meant for 16 hours FEMA and all the rescue efforts had to wait it out before coming in to render assistance.

Then when the storm cleared and the winds died down, there were no land routes accessible anymore. I-10 was out at several locations and there was more debris by tonnage than after Hiroshima in WWII. I propose a new strategy involving the United States Navy, the most capable and largest Navy in the World by a factor of 20. That's right!

I propose that the US Navy bring in helicopters on top of aircraft carriers and ships with fuel and water with them and come in behind the storm and as soon as the storm dies down we hit the beaches like Normandy and we flat take control of the situation to get the job done. We have the most powerful fighting force on the Planet and there is not greater foe than a large Category Hurricane, let me tell you. By coming in behind the storm we can save upwards of 10-25 lead-time to the rescue efforts so please consider this in 2006.

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