Thursday, September 15, 2011

What if Humans Were Ethical?

What if all people were ethical? What if all people could be trusted? What if 85% of what you heard during the day wasn't hokum? What if you could believe more than half of what you read? What you could believe everything you can see?

What if we could trust our politicians? What if we could trust foreign nations who make treaties with our country? What if everyone one you made a deal with honored their promises? What if what you learned in school was really true?

Where would all the lawyers work if we could trust business partners? Why would be need police? What would we use all those prisons for? What if no one cheated in contests or sports? What if no one ever cheated on their spouse? What if we all could trust everyone we meet?

What if someone who told you they were a Christian; you knew that it really meant something? What if you could trust your stockbroker, car salesman, or Annuity salesperson? What if we could trust the Catholic Priests with our children? What if no one ever used the Islamic Faith wrongly to recruit suicide bombers?

What if we could trust the Judicial System in our nation? What if people returned those things they borrowed from you? What if you could trust someone on the Internet during an online dating conversation? Yes, what if... What if Humans Were Ethical?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Altered States of Consciousness Are Intriguing to Drug Users

Alternative cognitive states and the drugs induced to get there seem to be an innately common theme throughout human civilization and society. Recently this topic came up in an online think tank, where a think tanker had decided to make it a point to state:

"When someone discovers something new and intriguing, and lets face it, altered states of consciousness are always intriguing?"

Always is always an absolute word and therefore problematic when dealing with abstract and/or critical thinking crossover conversations to get at the heart of issues and move towards solution enriched answers to mankind's most pressing problems. Thus this quote was immediately followed by another think tanker countering this argument of intrigue as an excuse to drug use or experimenting which often can lead to drug abuse and drug addiction. The counter argument was stated as such:

"Well, getting wasted or drunk and falling down and such is not so much intriguing to everyone. Such lack of control ought to be telling you something, about the substance."

The original think tanker who had experimented with drugs in the past and felt he was therefore better prepared to address the subject then stated on the topic of experimentation that:

"I at least think this is what happens when you produce a generation of intelligent, open minded, free thinking individuals."

Of course the anti-drug use sentiment from the other think tankers stated that; "Drugs are not okay, they are not good and they cause harm to you and your brain. Additionally they cause irrational behavior. An intelligent group thinking through the pros and cons of drug use should come to that conclusion."

Many people have comments of this type to discuss with regards to the problems in America with drugs, yet so few have any answers as to what to do about it. If we fail to act decisively the problem will only get worse. This issue must be addressed and we need a national discussion on this subject because it is just too serious to sweep under the carpet. Consider all this in 2006.