Monday, December 26, 2011

The Benefits of Living in a Digital Society

We are fortunate to be living in a time when all people have the ability, and the capability to access any knowledge they desire. This digital society that we live in affords us opportunities that our ancestor only dreamed of having. We should not take this privilege for granted.

In the not so distant past of the 1950s, people who wanted to research an idea, a product, or anything else, had to go to a library where they could look up information in books. Not all people had the same access to the books, and the information they contained. In America if your skin was black, you could not use the same library that a person with white skin used. If a black skinned person was allowed access to a library, it more than likely was stocked with outdated books that a library that was designed to be used by white skinned people had discarded.

In the digital society we live in today, the color of your skin does not determine the access you have to information. Technology has brought to us the powerful tools like the internet where we can find information on almost every subject.

Our digital society did not just appear it evolved over time, just as the acceptance of people of different races evolved over time. The acceptance of people with different skin colors, different accents, and different points of view is not through evolving into the fair and equal status it will one day have. Just as the digital society of today is nothing compared to the one our great grandchildren will live in.

Access to the internet has allowed us to research the things we are planning to purchase, and the places we are planning to visit. With this ability we have become informed consumers, who know what they want from a product, and they are aware of what each manufacturer promises to deliver.

We are capable of comparing prices on things like insurance, appliances, entertainment, clothing, and all other things. We also now have the ability to purchase items online without ever leaving our homes. We have been freed from the restrictions of store hours, and regional sales. A person in America can purchase a product from a person in Germany, without leaving home.

Because of the digital society we live in our children can learn about anything they are interested in. When they ask you what the dinosaurs ate, you can look it up, and tell them the answer. Because of this people will be smarter in the future, and technology will only improve.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good News for NFL Fans - Preserve Your Love and Cheer

NFL is definitely one of the most popular sports in the United States. NFL fans have settled time to preserve and cheer, that is NFL month or year. Belt buckle, golf ball cover, or maybe pullover shirt are the most beneficial ways to exhibit support to their favorite crew.

No subject who often team some people like as well as support, for your die-hard lover it's professional and happy to wear his or her wholesale NFL jerseys. Most football fans have relentless dedication on the royalty of their most preferred teams. You can see there is a big increase with the NFL activity collectables. It seems that this new merchandise receives more colors and more gadgets. All do is to satisfy their thirst inside enthusiast who are keen in collecting.

There are some methods for die-hard followers to reveal their support and plan to their beloved teams. They can decorate their own bedrooms, using reliable Denver Broncos jerseys, painting your location in his or her favorite team's shades, or sometimes by the cool deeply freeze mug. The brutal competitiveness on the football arena boils in the fans that definitely have that aspire to get everything his/her crew provides, from homemade cards, mini helmets or maybe ice coolers.

Many items could possibly be regarded when football trophies, you can certainly bet numerous football devotees are driven with the urge to exhibit all his friends in which his team is the best team. As they travels wonderful distances to think about his workforce play activities and gowns up Reebok NFL jerseys. He furthermore will oftentimes be observing his preferred team play continuously they will be on TV and you may be sure that this top sports fan is definitely the one you hear hollering along at the TV.

NFL Physical activities Collectibles will present a monetary impact which has a city by using all pieces revenue physical activities fan, lotto seat tickets, buying meals and gentle beer gross sales. For a few crazy football fans they could do everything to show their service and royalty for their favorite groups. Whether have on tennis shoes made by your workforce or driving to the park that can be played ball using your team logo for the clothes. So if you'll be a sports fan to get together football memorabilia by coronary heart and heart, you needs this NFL merchandise on the market such as cheap authentic NFL jerseys to create never know if your subsequent athletics fan will probably be looking for that one time in quite a while find.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Health Scam Sham

Are They Healing You or Robbing You?

Months after the Administration backed Medicare Reform program was initiated the public still doesn't understand it. Seniors and the chronically ill aren't getting their medicines and are paying way too much when they finally are able to buy some. What's not talked about in the entire Media flap is an underlying problem that makes the whole idea of reform ridiculous.

At issue is the fact that the medical process is, and has been, in the pockets of the corporate handlers for years, and yes, the situation is getting constantly worse.The big drug companies in cooperation with the pharmacies are the ones who make the rules and set the fees. Since all they care about is making money all procedures are designed to up their take and to guarantee that nothing stands in the way of the profits. Consider some of the numbers detailed in a recent study by the US Department of Commerce:

Zoloft: 50 mg

Consumer price $206.87

Cost of general active ingredients: $1.75

Percentage Markeup: 11,821%

Claritin: 10 mg

User cost for 100 tablets: $215.17

Cost of general active ingredients: .71 cents

Percentage Markup: 30,306%

Prozac: These highly prescribed pills cost the buyer $247.47 for 100 tablets.

Cost of general active ingredients: .11 cents per pill
Percentage Markup: 224,973%

These three massively advertised and used medications are listed to highlight the shameful pillage of the poor sick consumer's pocket. Remember however, that there are hundreds and hundreds of other pills and potions that are handled exactly the same way. If a person takes any medication whatsoever, it can be said that it is part of the medical scam sham.

The pharmacies get into the act their own way. For example a pharmacist might tell a customer that a name brand would cost $100. for 100 pills but that the generic of the same medication would only be $20. What the druggist doesn't mention is that those 100 tablets only cost him $10.00.

It's bad enough to have the insurance companies and the HMOs stripping people of health care. It's even worse to have the corporate bullies putting people in danger because the cost of their products is so high. Privitizing the medical system was dreamed up to start the eventual death watch for the whole of the Social Services program, and so far, it seems to be working quite well.