Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Challenge Of Terror And The Horror Of A Misguided Youth!

With the abortion and failed attempt to blow up London again last Thursday, by a group of misguided youths, these 'foot-soldiers of hate' have only succeeded in sowing a seed of disdain for our collective progress and therefore, they and their 'commanders' would not escape a harvest of Divine indignation.

It is popularly explained by many that the invasion of Iraq by Blair and Bush to overthrow Sadam, is at the root of the anger of the supposedly Moslem youth which spilled over into Al-Queada inspired violence. However, can such horrendous crime against innocent, hapless and ordinary citizens murdered in cold blood be justified? As genuine students of contemporary history, we cannot excuse this heinous and Hitlerite acts.

While it is correct that a predominant multitude of the present generation neither experienced, witnessed nor remembered the phenomenon of Hitler's ascension and dominion, which eventually led to the 2nd World War, true leadership would not fold its arms and permit similar evils to rear their monstrous heads again today.

We dare to stir up a controversy with our 'Islamic' youth brothers, who, in their innocence are being grossed into their untimely graves at their prime by a deranged leadership. Islam as a way of life is a world religion of PEACE! From whence cometh this horror of terror that Al-Queada seeks to engraft into it? Whose ambassador art thou? Which and whose cause doth thou fightest? Whose mandate doth thou seeketh? Shall the souls of both the dead and maimed forgive the evil actors of this bizarre drama, who prematurely terminated their destiny on the altar of a cowardly and hideous leadership? How would these misled youths win their case in the court of the bereaved or even of their hapless, agonising and equally bereaved families?

Instead of the warped goal of harassment of Bush and Blair, this sectarian army has just succeeded in embarrassing the true ambassadors of the Islamic Faith in the Arab world and unfortunately whiplashed the peace-loving moslem communities worldwide.

Is it not time to understand the perfidy and cowardice of a Sadam that led thousands of youth to their death but himself became a jellyfish in the face of death? Can Bin Laden, in a similar situation be better?

We salute the youths who have staunchly refused to be hoodwinked and corrupted by the false fantasy of self-ruinaion and self-destruction. To you belong the future of peace, progress and development which the Al-Queada wolves, posing as your militant revolutionary liberators, seek to devour. Stand up now! Disallow the thief!! Reject their grand deception!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Droughts, Earthquakes, Energy, Water Supplies, and Conservation

Droughts cause more than just water restriction in your town or little letters from the water district to please conserve. For instance as ground water is taken out and aquifers dry up, cavities are created and left unfilled and we know that that is a problem with earthquakes as under ground cavities collapse. Imagine a situation like that happening in Utah during the Winter Olympics causing a slide big enough to trigger the Big Fault line underneath the city? Is this a crazy notion? It happened in the Coalinga, California Earthquake in the Central Valley after all the oil was removed from the ground? How bad is the drought;

Some may deny Climate Change and Global Warming, even Solar Cycles, and say that it is not as bad as it seems, but the stats keep coming in and are indicating that there is a situation brewing. May 2001 was the hottest in 137 years in Northern Nevada. Las Vegas had 27 consecutive days in the 100s. In 2001 Phoenix also hottest Reno set a 113-year old record; 8 degrees average hotter that year in Nevada. Causing a situation for Hydro Plants due to record low level rains this year in Nevada and also elsewhere in Oregon, California, Arizona, etc. Elko Nevada set two records on one month in 2001. Another problem is that with less water it means Hydro Plants cannot produce the maximum energy necessary to counteract the maximum usage with air-conditioning units in the hottest climates causing imminent outages.

I have always pondered how everything which effect the flows of our civilization are inner related to each other. As I studied this problem of water supplies effecting hydro electricity and seeing the Arizona issues, I visited Palo Verde Nuclear Power station, which is the largest US power producer. I applauded the expansion, taking place there with another additional six reactors being built to put power into the grid. Right now today there are three full functioning reactors there.

Meanwhile during the construction of upgraded power systems, we need to find ways to conserve energy during droughts, as it is hotter as well, meaning huge usage of electric power. With these issues at hand there is also opportunity to conserve energy in HVAC air-conditioning units on top of buildings. When the flanges on the units are clean they stay cooler longer and prevent the units from running constantly and sucking up energy. A clean HVAC unit is said to be 15-20% more efficient and therefore using 15-20% less energy. This we believe is a great service business in itself helping customers save money and helping the West Coasts temporary energy issues. Perhaps many small businesses can help us by improving efficiencies and conserving energies.

If energy costs are nearly triple in some markets like San Diego, California then the 15-20% more efficient units use 45-60% less dollars to operate. So a constant cleaning the is in the ball park of 20% of the cost savings is more than viable and beneficial to the leanest and meanest corporations looking to save money and increase shareholders equity and quarterly profits. Companies like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Large Hotel Chains will have to buy these services. But small business people can make money doing this and we all save energy. Think of the savings to government, education facilities, hospitals, and large homes? Think on these factors as everything affects everything else.