Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Read This Article if You Want to Stop High Oil Prices

Do you want to stop the high oil prices, which might further damage the economy? Are you tired of paying $100 to fill up you SUV or mini-van? Have you significantly altered your driving habits to deal with the high oil prices and the gasoline prices at the pump? Are you sick and tired of excuses every time the prices spike? Hurricane Katrina, Rita or Middle Eastern Politics; has this all become immune to you and you do not care about any of it, you just want more fair prices on your gasoline? If so you are not alone in this thinking or sentiment. In fact even the commentators on TV News are starting to make waves about this. Yet, you somehow feel helpless, because you need lower prices at the pump and any rational from higher prices is not helping your family budget one bit.

One way you can help bring down oil prices is to keep the environmentalists from blocking all the new refineries, planned pipelines, power plants and natural gas distribution infrastructure. And you voice your opinion in the media and to politicians and even infiltrate the environmental groups to knock some sense into their heads from the inside of their organization. Additionally you can rally lawmakers to come down hard on lawyers who file these lawsuits and make these lawyers have full disclosures of who is paying them to file these suits. You might be surprised when you find out the truth. Then you can also write articles of this problem and also see about bringing up discussions about natural resources in your community. Most of all you can demand real data from environmentalists that meets the criteria of being legitimate. Demand proof over political correctness and the hokum of sound and fury that these groups are purporting. Think on this.

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