Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are Moldy Schools Destroying Our Kids?

Mold is a big issue these days. One reason is the damage it does to lungs and immune systems. And who does it damage the most? Kids and senior citizens.

Well, let's just talk about kids right now. And let's narrow our conversation to the school systems. Why? Because kids spend up to 8 hours a day there, breathing in whatever is floating around in the air.

Let's talk about schools now.

Every year, somewhere in the USA schools are being closed down
because of mold. Why are so many schools moldy?

The main cause of any mold problem is ultimately water. Something is too wet.

Now if a building floods, we just dry it out and that usually stops mold from growing, right? Well, if you get the building totally dry within 48 hours the answer is yes. That's the time it takes for most mold spores to start growing actual mold colonies. Most of the time it takes bureaucrats 48 hours to find out there has been a flood. Then there are committees to decide how to dry the building. And then there are bids
to get the lowest cost.

So drying isn't enough. Takes too long. Mold is growing and it can continue to grow after the building is dried. All it needs now is moisture in the air.

Speaking of air, we also have to consider air conditioners. Most schools use air conditioners that are bought cheap and maintained by the lowest bidder.. Air conditioners that aren't maintained properly sweat and the moisture can cause mold growth.

Also associated with maintenance is changing air filters. Many times this isn't done due to school budgets. Filters cost money. Not a lot of money, but money. Some schools don't change there A/C filters until someone from the state comes to inspect.

Then there are carpets. Carpets are moldy. Kids spill food, milk, and glue onto carpets. They throw up on carpets. These things feed mold. Teachers make kids sleep on the floor at nap time.Their faces are pressed into the moldy carpets. Results: sick kids.

But the ultimate reason for moldy schools is politics. This applies to everything mentioned above, ie carpets, filters and drying.

Schools have to report to taxpayers. That's YOU. If a school board member says to you the taxpayer, "We can spend the money on books, football uniforms or healthy air." What are you going to say? Most people want things they can see and touch and point to.

So if you want healthy kids with strong lungs and good immune systems, the responsibility is in your hands. Go to school board meetings, talk to the radio and tv stations.If you need ammunition, tell the politicians that mold free schools win more games in sports. Championship teams are something

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