Friday, March 4, 2011

Christians Are Being attacked By Muslim Radical Head Hunters

Well we have Muslim Radicals setting off bombs in Christian areas of Indonesia last week and this week it is Beirut. They detonated a bomb in Lebanese Christian neighborhoods and killed an anti-Syrian reporter too. Mr. Samir Qaseer. Do you ever feel that it is not safe to be a Christian these days? Was it ever, I mean it seems they were using them as lion food not all that long ago too?

Will people ever get along in this world? Fighting over religion? Wasn't it just four days after the start of the country's parliamentary elections were completed? It appears that the infidels are under siege in the world, that is what the radicals call them. Interesting that you can have a religion and then modify it as a tool for hate, by simply labeling your enemy an infidel so it is okay to blow them up, cut off their heads or some other such atrocity.

I have a question for the world? Are you quite satisfied with how every thing is going? Is this the best the human race can do? You know it is quite pathetic with all the over sight, laws, rules and so-called peaceful religions of the world. You pray to your Gods for peace and then tote your Pope around in a bulletproof car? Why not just ask God to protect him too? Are we all quite sure that Allaah or God is really going to save the human race and make it all better again? If you were watching all this from up above and saw all the little humans scurrying around killing each other, strapping bombs to themselves, having wars and cutting off the heads of Christians who are their to help in re-construction efforts and such; tell me would you even bother with such a species? Would you even care what else they did, what they prayed for, cared about or such? Would you care if little Mohammed Jr, prayed so he could grow up and blow himself and as many Jews as possible at a bus stop. Would you care if Bob who is starting Christian College prayed to win the Football game Friday night and oh yah a new Hummer would be nice too and I would sure like to get in the pants of that sexy girl Denise too? Would you answer a prayer for no more Hurricanes in FL or Tsunamis or Earthquakes in the Indian Ocean or Pacific Rim? Would you? Would you even want to be associated with a creation such as the human race? I mean obviously some; God, Allaah or someone made a colossal mistake here somewhere?

The human race is not worthy; you cannot even get along. All you do is kill each other and then pray for free stuff? Every day another car bomb, another attack, another be-heading another retaliation. On and on; you know seriously folks it is time for us all to get along, before someone else gets real serious and blows down this house of cards we call the human race? It is high time we all bury the hatchet. You can all think on that, but as long as Bob is praying for a new Hummer, I want one too; In yellow of course?

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