Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breathalyzer for TB and Hepatitis Needed at Border

One of the latest technology advances in innovation for disease control is a device, which is similar to a Breathalyzer. It is truly amazing what entrepreneurs can come up with when the mother of invention remains mankind's greatest motivator. There are some issues with such equipment, in that how do you test people with out infecting those being tested when the others who were tested might have had the disease and contaminated equipment? We have outlined some ideas on how to do this without infecting those who work with the INS, Border Patrol or in DHS.

First of all we know how serious this is in the United States as we see problems with migrant workers who have TB or Hepatitis or any number of other serious diseases entering our country each year either on work visas or illegally. If you will "google" TB or Hepatitis risks you will no doubt see the serious nature of these facts.

This problem is only going to get worse, as illegal aliens are working in our restaurants and at the fast food quick service establishments. These individuals are picking produce and working in places which process food. Much of our produce comes from Mexico and some of the trucks used to haul it to the US are also used by those who are hauling illegal aliens into the country on the off hours, it is a huge problem. In Arizona one third of the people in prison are illegal aliens and they have a terrible time with such outbreaks.

If we can keep people from sneaking into the country and require everyone to come over the border at a checkpoint we can institute the use of this device. One of the qualifications to come into our country will be that you are disease free. No HIV, STDs, TB or Hepatitis. There would be a screening fee of $40.00 and a documentation and background check and required shots fee along with DNA sample, which would be recorded onto your Picture Permit with RFID Tag. If you are caught without it, you will be deported, upon deportation your DNA sample will be run and put on the do not enter list for your lifetime. By doing this we can keep the diseases out as well as the International Terrorists.

The Hepatitis and TB screening would be prior to entry to the next round of checks, those testing positive for disease will not be allowed into the country and a sample DNA will be taken and put on the restricted list. As the humans enter the screening area a small tube will come out of the wall they will be given a mouthpiece to blow into. Once they are completed the hose will be cut and 2 inches will be taken off the length, it will be thrown in a bio-waste chute at the end of the hallway, one person allowed in the open-air hallway at a time. Then the subject will proceed to where either they are allowed to the next area for processing or out the other door into their former country. Simple really.

The risks are too great to allow migrant workers and/or illegal aliens into our country who will later work in food services or be within close proximity of other while standing in lines at the USPS, Department of Motor Vehicles or work in highly congested areas while carrying such diseases.

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