Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Battle Bed Bugs - EPA Summit

How to battle bed bugs has become a priority for the EPA. These long time pests of humans are back and here to stay. These blood sucking pests have been a nuisance to man since ancient times. Although they pose no health risk to humans the physiological damage is intense. After World War II there was a fierce battle waged against these pests and for a while were brought to near extinction. The tiny pests developed an immunity to the pesticide DDT and other pesticides being used during this period. Since the population was eradicated to near extinction they were not considered a problem any longer.

The EPA has since banned many of these effective pesticides because they were found to be harmful to the environment and its inhabitants. Since the bans, their population has restored itself and the new generation is more adopted then their predecessors. Bed bugs have become virtually indestructible and today's pesticides have little effect on them. The problem has become so serious that the EPA deemed them the number one pest of importance in 2002.

Since then the population has been increasing at a very alarming rate. These insects are considered world travelers and may hop a ride on any mode of transportation such as planes, trains, boats, buses and arrive anywhere in the world. Our world has become a smaller place now and world travel is a common daily occurrence. As a result of this, species of all types are being relocated all over the world away from their indigenous environments. This on going relocation is causing chaos to the new environment they are being introduced to,the bed bug is one of these species.

Since their return to prominence they have become a large problem to our society causing problems in all sectors of our everyday life. We are a transient in nature and have aided the spread and repopulation of the common bed bug unknowingly and unwillingly. They have invaded our schools, offices, businesses, hotels, apartments, condos, homes, restaurants, theaters, and vacation spots.The previously mentioned places are just some of the locations these pests are showing up. So good at traveling that they can be anywhere at anytime, no individual can 100% prevent bedbugs from coming home with them.

Preventive measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of bringing them home with you or having another person bringing them as an unwanted gift. Unfortunately a friend, a childs friend, a family member, a co-worker, or any number of people you may come in contact with may pass them on. Any place you may go puts you at risk of picking up the tiny blood suckers.The social stigma attached to an infestation leads to secrecy from a fear of being isolated from friends and neighbors and labeled as a person/family to avoid.

The EPA/CDC are being pressured to unite forces w/ the federal, state and local governments as well as professionals to come up with a solution to bring this epidemic under control. In 2009 the first ever Bed Bug Summit was held to bring light to this serious problem.The Federal Bed Bug Workgroup was formed to take on this problem and work with the different agencies and professionals to come up with solutions for battling these pests.

Since then not much has happened, a second Bed Bug Summit was held in Washington, DC on February 1-2, 2011. The goal was to revisit what progress, if any, has been made and are there any battle plans for the future. Known as formidable pests that are not easily exterminated,the pesticides on the market today are proving to have little or no effect. The exterminating professionals want to wage war but the EPA's ban on possible effective chemicals keeps them from doing so. Even if the EPA lifts the bans on certain chemicals doesn't mean all our problems will be solved. Getting rid of one problem may create a new more hazardous problem. The pesticides used to kill them may no longer work as well, since they have developed an immunity to them. The use of these pesticides may also have harmful effects on the environment and its inhabitants.

There is no denying that infestations have become a huge problem. New York City along with other major cities in the US are experiencing an explosion of confirmed infestations in their hotels, apartments, housing, entertainment venues and many other places. It is such a major issue that people are afraid to go out and do anything, thus putting a strain on an already struggling economy.

An infestation can be devastating on many levels, being informed can help in the prevention of one or knowing how to battle them if it occurs. Be informed and beware, they are out there looking for a home.

I'm an average person who became concerned about bed bug infestations after seeing segments on the local and national news,as well as in the newspapers. I began to search the internet for information about beds bugs and to my surprise there was an over abundance of information about this particular topic. As I investigated deeper I discovered what a huge problem bed bugs have become. I wrote this article to inform and educate people about the impending doom that is looming out there. Bed bugs are back and how to battle them has become a major concern to the EPA, CDC, Federal, State, and Local governments, and the average person who either has an infestation or is fearful of getting one.


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